Effectiveness of International Efforts to Ease Problem of Global Hunger

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  • Published : April 5, 2011
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How effective are the international efforts to ease the problem of global hunger?
Global hunger, as its name suggests, is a global issue that requires the assistance and cooperation of countries, regardless of nationality, wealth or religion, so as to find an effective solution. Many policies and efforts, both international and national, have been done, or presently underway to reduce poverty, which causes hunger. The good cause behind these efforts cannot be denied, however, one may doubt if the money pumped into them are potent enough to rapidly decrease the rate of hunger in a short period of time. These efforts have made improvements to alleviate global hunger but more have to be done by the global community via sustainable and long term methods.

This is an urgent matter to be solved. To have a strong and stable global environment and constant development, the unnerving imbalance of status, wealth, resources among countries must be overcome. The first step is to ensure food security. Families and individuals need a consistent source of nutritious quality food, with the ability to afford for it. However, the solution is not as simple as increasing food production for the poor segments of society because its root cause, being unequal food distribution in the world, suggests that the political and socioeconomic ties among countries are main factors in this problem.

First, Nation Anti-Hunger Organizations (NAHO) aims to develop agricultural sectors in developing nations to increase production of food to feed more mouths. In 2011, The Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative (GHGSI) program will be implemented in 20 countries identified for chronic hunger and potential for rapid agriculture-led growth. One example is Rwanda whereby the government developed plans with priorities of irrigation, local seed research among others and representatives will discuss and support their plans financially. Emphasis on agriculture and effective use of resources...
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