Effective Teaching Essay

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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“To guide the studies of” a student is used by Webster’s dictionary to define a teacher. I believe this to be an effective definition because it implies two-way communication as opposed to a one-way lecture by an instructor. An effective teacher is one who has successfully established a form of communication that inspires the student to want to learn. This connection between the teacher and the student involves a series of elements that includes: building rapport, creating awareness, discovering the solution, and soliciting feedback. When implemented as part of the teacher’s natural speaking style, the student will feel comfortable asking questions and engaging with the instructor resulting in knowledge retention and hopefully a desire to pursue further study. The first element of effective teaching is building rapport. This needs to occur quickly, within the first few minutes of the first class. It’s just like a TV show. If immediate interest isn’t generated, the channel is switched. Unfortunately for the student, he/she is forced to watch the entire show which can result in a very long year. This is where the teacher can “meet them at their own level”, so to speak. I believe that being friendly, learning about their interests, and joking around a little help to break down the implied hierarchy that often exists between student and teacher. The challenge to me as a teacher will be to succeed at this step and then to transition effectively to the subject I will be teaching (Physics or Math) so that I can tune them in for the long haul. Creating awareness can be successfully accomplished by capturing the imagination of the students. While some students are naturally interested in the sciences and math, many aren’t really sure why they are taking the class other than for college preparation or because their parents require it. In either case, an effective teacher will use the tools at his/her disposal to bring the purpose of the subject to life. I...
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