Effective Global Strategic Sourcing. Case Study- Seagate

Topics: Supply chain management, Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Seagate Case Study

Seagate Case Study
Vincent Morales
MBA 6127

Based on the case study Seagate Technology: Real time response to demand, the article discuss key points in regards to Seagate’s evolution of their supply chain to increase visibility and improve service. Seagate changes the role to a real time demand from a change in planned forecast, of which, allowed low risks. This allowed visibility of Holy Grail, which was also ideal for the supply chain evolution. In parallel, this applied to certain types of regulatory and legal requirements that of which Seagate faced in their global operations and supply chain management. This involves implications of foreign corruption act, in which Seagate ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements. Seagate also ensures they adhere to ethical labor practices employed in various parts of the world. With more visibility, this allows Seagate assistance to ensure more equitable treatment of supply chain partners. All of which encompass regulatory and legal requirements that fit with the core disciplines and idea of an integrated supply chain. In the past Seagate focused on low cost manufacturing and operating to plan. This was the old version, and the focus now is on being a technology leader. The supply chain strategy is meeting customer demand in real time and literally responding to customer orders as they arise. In order to do this, Seagate needed to maintain a greater degree of flexibility in its factories and lower levels of inventory overall. The key is information flow, and that’s been the critical focus of the company’s supply chain efforts. Because of more effective flow of information, Seagate is responding to customer requests which use to take weeks, now is taking about a day. Because of the end to end connectivity, Seagate is now able eliminate the touch points that slow things down and lead to errors. This allowed for risks to minimized and increase efficiency and...
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