Effective Communication

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Effective Communication


Effective Communication
The communication within the health care institution is an exchange of information between everyone involves, as well as with external groups that are related to it. The message must be clear and without information barriers that involve difficulty in understanding, it must use the appropriate language, this means that not only is essential to use words, but anything to get to understand and also to improve voluntary cooperation. The object of any process of communication is to create fluidity and ease of understanding between different levels of an organization as well as must existed conditions for feedback between upper and lower levels. According to the size of the organization there are different levels of command, lead and obey are not easy tasks, both require a balance so therefore there will not be conflicts affecting the proper functioning of the organization. In the health care field is where these strategies of communication are most needed, otherwise a health organization will not achieve its goals. Effective Ways for Sharing Information and Ideas

Ensuring that the communication in a medical institution is effective is one of the most important objectives for the health care administrators, since that is trying to prevent malpractice, mistakes and delays in the care of patients. The healthcare industry cannot afford to fail in this aspect especially when patients are sick and vulnerable. Using Technology

In order to assure an effective way for sharing information, administrators should move beyond traditional forms of communication to embrace newer technologies that would save valuable time for medical and health care personnel, in addition to using the technology for the data of the patients, ensuring standards of confidentiality, making that the patient feel confident in the institution; developing a system of communication between employees, while respecting the diversity; using the...
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