Effect of Gambling

Topics: Problem gambling, Emotion, Money Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: September 28, 2008
The Effects on You
Problem gambling leads to adverse effects on your health, your relationships and your financial stability. The stress can result in anxiety, depression and stress-related problems such as poor sleep, ulcers, headaches and muscle pain Your reputation can be damaged due to lying about your gambling, not paying back loans or upholding work and family commitments When it’s all you can think about, it has taken over your life You worry about losing your job because you’re so distracted Your partner is threatening to leave

You fight about gambling with your loved ones
Gambling isn’t fun anymore but you continue anyway
You owe so many people money, you just can’t face them Your creditors are looking for payments and you might be facing bankruptcy You feel alone and disconnected from friends and family You have become so distressed that you sometimes think about suicide Effects on Family and Friends

This may be the most costly aspect of problem gambling. You may be able to recover from losing money, but a relationship can be forever damaged or destroyed. Putting your loved ones in danger of losing savings or property can make them feel scared, angry and betrayed Partners of people with gambling problems often don't want to be emotionally or physically close with the person who has hurt them Family members may avoid other people, because they feel ashamed and this makes it hard for them to give love and support Family members can also suffer from anxiety, depression and stress-related problems One family member may try to keep things in control by taking on more tasks which can lead to burnout When a parent or caregiver has a gambling problem, children can feel forgotten, depressed and angry. They may not understand what is happening and may blame themselves Children may believe they caused the problem and that if they are "good," the problem will stop Children may believe they must take sides...
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