Effect After War: Personal Interview

Topics: World War II, Surrender of Japan, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Memories of Dina when battle ended with Japan

The memories of World War II are still fresh in senior citizen’s mind. The war ended with many orphans and widows and one cannot forget those affectional memories. I interviewed Dina Kimmerling, my brother in law's mother, who is currently living in Rochester, New Hemisphere . She is a proud wife of a U.S Marine. She has also worked with United States Navy (U.S.N) at Pentagon and Crystal city and Unites State Marine Corps (U.S.M.C) at Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow(MCLB) . On a Thursday morning, I talked to her on Skype to interview her about the World War II. She was very happy and pleased to share her memories with us. He shared a optical phenomenon when the war with Japan ended.

The surrender of Japan in August 14 1945 brought the World War II to a near end. Japan saw a huge disaster in August 6 and August 9. The two very popular cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed on respectively. And also on August 9, the Soviet Union declared a war on Japan. Emperor Hirohito was shocked by these two events. He then decided to give a recorded radio address to the nation on August 15. In the radio address, called the Gyokuon-hoso (Jewel Voice Broadcast), he announced to the Japanese citizen the surrender of Japan.[1]

When I first asked Dina about the day when Japan surrendered, she gave me a facial expression and then nodded her head. After a while, she started telling me her days during the world war. She was from the city of Detroit, Michigan. They were called the Arsenal of Democracy. Because in their city, maximum number of tanks, planes, jeeps were made for the military group of Europe and Russia. She said that she used to have a garden where they had preserved food. She said that in those days, the coat hangers were made up of metals and they took those metal hangers to the shop and changed it to weapons. They had coupons for everything. They mainly had coupons for tires and sugars. Tires...
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