Edward Britton - Izod Wolfe Character Study

Topics: Villain, Murder, Theft Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Edward Britton
Formal Argumentative Essay
“Is Izod Wolfe an evil villain or an unsung hero?”
‘Edward Britton’, a novel by Gary Crew and Philip Neilson, tells the distressing story of the anguish and conquests of two teenage convicts in the Australian boys prison, Point Puer. Izod Wolfe and Edward Britton are the main characters with very different dreams, hopes and fears. Izod Wolfe, however, comes across as an evil villain. This is due to the fact that he is a murderer, a thief and he entertains dark thoughts.

Firstly, Izod is an evil villain due to the fact that he is a murderer. Murder is usually regarded as the worst possible crime a human could commit. Izod both murdered someone, Buckridge, and attempted to murder someone as a test, the chaplain, throughout the novel. This certainly shows the villainous thoughts of Izod, as willfully taking someone’s life is cruel and wrong. Izod stole a life, and payed for it, by dying himself. Izod is seen to murder Buckridge during… (page 233 – 234)

This proves that he was definitely driven by a dream of revenge against Lieutenant Buckridge, and now he has completed his mission, he is happy. This shows that he receives joy from evil such as death, revenge and hate. As it states in the bible “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” Therefore Izod isn’t a loving person, he is evil. Izod was also careless about the damage and wreckage he caused to others by murdering Buckridge. He was so determined to accomplish his so-called ‘goal’ that he didn’t care who or what got in the way of him. This is a common trait of evil villains in various other stories told throughout history. This is demonstrated when Izod tries to poison the chaplain during… Izod demonstrates that he wants his enemy to suffer a long and painful death, and to do this he needs to make sure that the way he kills Buckridge certainly inflicts this pain. Testing this on someone else would mean to inflict this pain towards...
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