Educational Systems Differences Betwen Us and Taiwan

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The Differences of Educational Systems between the US and Taiwan

The educational system in the US and Taiwan is not totally equal. It might attributes to different concepts and customs, means that each country has each way to educate the students. There are three topics that are worth discussing: Educational Philosophies, K-12 education and Higher Education. It is also seen that good educational system leads to a higher education.

Educational philosophies in the US and Taiwan are generally similar. These principles have been established by educational philosophers throughout the years. In the US, there are three principles: equal access to education, strive for 100% literacy among high school students, state and local governments have a lot of control over schools. First of all, all students should have access to public education, but not totally the same in Taiwan. As students enter high school, they have to get higher grades to study in a public school. However, the government is going to extend the school year so that make sure every student can go to the public high school next year (note: it has been a controversial issue in Taiwan recently. I will discuss in the following pages). Also, standardized examinations should not prohibit further study after high school in the US. In Taiwan, we use a lot of this kind of tests when entering from middle schools to graduated schools, even to be civil servants. To be honest, I do not like it at all. It is said that standardized tests cannot measure initiative, creativity, imagination, conceptual thinking, curiosity, effort, irony, judgment, commitment, nuance, good will, ethical reflection, or a host of the other valuable dispositions and attributes. What they can measure and count are isolated skills, specific facts and function, content knowledge, the least interesting and least significant aspects of learning.--Bill Ayers. In addition to physically and mentally...
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