Educational Social Work

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Mississippi Valley State University
College of Education
Pre-Field Seminar

Educational Social Worker

Dr. Baxter Wright
Britany Roland
March 1, 2013
Educational Social Workers typically pick up outside the classroom where the teacher leaves off. The help those students transition from Middle School/Junior High to High School, help them deal with various psychosocial issues, find solutions to problems with academics, coping skills, and helping identify those students that are considered “at risk” students of the either not graduating or dropping out of school. These are real life angels to most students that are able to utilize them as a resource. While not in a classroom everyday also truly make a difference in the lives of the children that they interact with and also impact their lives for the better.

Social Problem
School Social Workers or Educational Social Workers as some places refer to them are a wonderful support staff for children to be able to access and use a resource during the years of school from elementary to high school up to graduation. While teachers are expected to deal with problems in the classroom, the Educational Social Worker is trained to help those students above and beyond the classroom. These types of Social Workers that work in the school address the needs of kids that are in need of these special services that teachers cannot provide. Social Problems such as bulling, gay, and lesbian, bisexuality, children with psycho social and emotional issues, and those who are having problems performing on an academic level that is acceptable for graduating and obtaining their diplomas. They are also a resource for the classroom teachers to use in helping to take a positive approach to handling problem students. They also aid in administration in dealing with children that are misbehaving or have truancy issues. As one can see there is a wide range of social problems that these specially trained support staff in the school helps children comes to terms with. Honestly up until this point I really did not understand the amount of social issues that Social Workers in the School really take on to help these kids. I know that sexuality during the years of high school is very hard to deal with, and sadly many high school counselors are not comfortable with their own sexuality to help teenagers deal with it themselves. So have Social Workers in the School to help these kids deal with these issues is wonderful, because it does give them an outlet to talk about these issues and try to find away to come to terms with their complex issues that happen with teenagers. It has been proved many times that sexuality can cause many problems for people down the road so it is extremely important to try and combat these issues at the earliest possible opportunity to help curtail any foreseeable problems that links back to sexuality in the future. Client Group & Groups Served

Client group that is most often serviced by the Educational Social Worker is school age children, approximately ages six to nineteen years of age, teachers, administrators, and various other school support staff. Settings or type of Agency/Organization where practice occurs Educational Social Worker typically works within the School district and normally within a specific educational institution with the district. However, they can also work in Mental Health Clinics that are contracted out by the local School district as well. While they are typically in the K-12 schools, Educational Social Workers have been seen in some institutions of higher learning as well. A few Educational Social Workers have also been employed to help people with get through life issues as well. The biggest thing for me, is that just because they are called “Educational” or “School” Social Workers, like Social Work in general, they have a very broad practice that is just not limited to the educational setting, that you would...
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