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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Education is easily one of the most important things in life. But, it seems that the environment that kids are learning in affects the possible outcomes and achievement. Lately it seems that the private schools are getting whatever they desire to improve their school, when public schools seem to only receive grants when health risks are at stake. Private schools get a huge amount of funding, whereas Public schools struggle to manage to even get half of what Private schools receive.

These days it seems that its Private schools vs Public schools. It sounds silly but the fact that public schools are seen to be “second” compared to the private schools is, in my opinion not fair. Sure private schools have nice luxury facilities, but why can we public schools also be included in that? (is it because students aren’t national, state runners? Or have VHA’s in sport and academics?) or is it because we don’t have the opportunity to make the students national runners or state competitors because the quality of facilities that are provided from government funding's cannot really fulfil the desired running track or the ideal science lab. And when they do get a building added into the school, for example a new school hall, usually that's what they get. Just the hall, nothing but the hall, the school would usually have to resort in a fundraiser to provide seats and lights.

Some public schools have been around for more than 60 years and same old classrooms stand there today untouched. Imagine how old and fragile the structure would be, and what state of the art back then meant and what state of the art today means. I know for sure, a lot has changed. Though the state of the classrooms only seem to be noticed when health risks are at a high. For instance, Cav Road recently just got a building examined for asbestos. You would think by the time the classrooms got that bad, it would be replaced or even upgraded. but even so, classrooms shouldn't even get that bad....
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