Education Research Case Study

Topics: Leadership, Time, Work Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Education Research Case Study

Hannah Twinks is an eight year old second grader at ABCD Elementary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; she a middle class white girl who lives at home with her mother, father, and three siblings. She is a very friendly, outgoing, and talkative girl that seemed to always develop an audience. Hannah thrived in sports, activities, and anything that required an immense amount of energy. It is apparent that recess is her favorite time of day; she emerges from the classroom and out to the play ground like a popcorn kernel that had just hit hot oil. Her energy is visible from the start bell till the end and she is always the last student to be called in after the final bell. Hannah is always the first girl picked in all the activities, often picked above the boys. She is avid about organizing her teams, developing rules, and directing the flow of games. When recess is over Hannah is told multiple times to get into line and once retreats from the playground she runs rapidly to the front of the line and competes to be the first in the building. Her energy seems to be never ending.

Hannah’s skills in reading and math were just about at grade level but her grades showed otherwise. She was very unorganized and had trouble finding work the work she completed or finding the work to finish the assignment. Hannah did not complete in class work, nor did she complete the homework that was assigned. In class, all other task aside from assignments are completed; sharpening her pencil, blowing her nose, asking to be excused, etc. happen multiple times throughout the periods. Hannah seems to be interested in learning but she is very easily distracted.

When Hannah was having trouble working by peers she would be moved to the back of the room to a learning center or a quiet work area. Even in these isolated environments Hannah would call attention to herself by calling other students to either come to her or talk to her across the room. This would then...
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