Education Philosophy and Rationale

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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 Education Philosophy and Rationale

Teaching has been a tradition in our family. As a kid, I grew up with my aunt being an elementary education and my grandma as a teacher in preschool. It started with my grandmother in her late 30’s, teaching kindergarten in Taiwan. My mom use to tell me how great of a teacher she was. She would always find ways to make every student to be involved in her classroom. Other teachers in campus would always ask my grandmother for advices and strategy. Her philosophy was simple; to keep the classroom entertained for her students to learn. My grandma believed children have very short patient. In order to catch all her student’s attention, sometimes she would try to be funny or joke around with her students. Her jokes and entertainments was another strategy to make student learn. She would relate topic in classroom in her jokes to make learning easy and fun. My grandma believed being different is the only way to bring out the best of a child. To me, I see my grandma as a legend. There was nothing special about her philosophy but only to be herself. Learning from her and my aunt, I understand the value of learning, and helped me build a passion to educate, and learn from students who my life will be a part of and theirs. For this reason and a few others, I have decided to become a teacher. Educator needs a starting point to understand why we think and act the way we do in our classrooms. Educator’s needs to be able to understand how are teachers made and why some teacher has different views in educating than the others. Teachers have their own philosophy to educate students. It makes learning easier; if teachers apply their own values and beliefs in the classroom. Before we discover our beliefs, we would have to know what type of philosophy best fit a future educator.

Education has a purpose. Teacher is responsible to teach every kid who are enrolling in school. Teacher’s goals should be; to teach the basic knowledge a student...
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