Education in America

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  • Published : December 2, 2005
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My choice of topic for this paper is a very important one; it is the purpose of education in America. This is one of the most important issues in our country right now. I am going to discuss what I believe should be being taught in our educational institutions and why I believe it is not being done. One major reason I chose this topic is because I am a product of American education and I am one of the lucky people who was intelligent enough to learn beyond what was being provided to me in school, so therefore I was able to prosper in life. So many people seem to look over this problem and that is a huge problem in itself. What I am saying is, if a mother is taught to think the same way that her child is than it would be nearly impossible for her to see a problem with this. This is stated in The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher when author John Taylor Gatto states "No middle-class parents I have met actually believe that their kid's school is one of the bad ones. Not one single parent in twenty-six years of teaching. That's amazing, and probably the best testimony to what happens to families when mother and father have been well-schooled themselves, learning the seven lessons."(177) When he says this, I feel this is an important wake up call for all of America because who is going to recognize the fault in these learning institutions if the parents don't. \

Feldmann 2 My idea of what the purpose of education should be is not a difficult concept to understand, it is actually quite simple. I feel that education should be taught to give children the skills and intelligence they need to understand the world and how the world works in order to survive in it. It is important that I stress the word "world" because I feel one of our main problems is that America only likes to make children concerned with their country and no where else. I feel that this is why many children leave high school with such a stubborn and ignorant attitude towards the rest of the world. Michael Moore states in Idiot Nation "A nation that not only churns out illiterate students but hoes out of its way to remain ignorant and stupid is a nation that should not be running the world, at least not until the majority of its citizens can locate Kozovo (or any other country we've bombed) on the map."(154) Michael Moore goes on and on to support my same beliefs about the problems in America's education. I feel that children should be given a requirement in their history classes to have a well in depth understanding of the world surrounding them. I feel that if more children who than become adults understood the true values and cultures of the rest of their world it wouldn't be easy or maybe even possible for their commander in chief to lie to them about why we have decided to bomb them. Education is so important to the survival of this world, and of course country. So many people just go on with their daily routines believing that everything is beautiful and we have this great opportunity of going to school. In so many ways this is true but does that mean that it is a great opportunity. I mean of course learning is something that should always be valued but if you the material

Feldmann 3 you are learning are not the truth or not complete truths does that still have the same value. There is so much taught in school the way the teacher wants to teach it, or what is put in the text books that is monitored by the government that the teachers must teach. So how can we all really learn truth if our children are learning that Christopher Columbus was a good man and a hero. I mean we have a holiday for this man, how can this be. I find there to be so many problems...
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