Education Assessment Strategies

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Assessment Strategies
There are a number of approaches that can be designed in order to measure the effectiveness of nurses in hospitals and the nursing colleges. Of the great importance is to understand that nursing is a very critical profession to human life. In this regard, there should be no room for guesswork or mistakes when carrying out this noble activity. In order to avoid the mistakes and to produce perfect outcome, there should be developed satisfying assessment strategies that would guarantee the effectiveness of the nurses both at their training and places of work. The developed assessment strategies should also conform to the personal digital assistants (PDAs) technology which helps in ensuring the nurses’ effectiveness. It should be noted that assessment comes in two categories. Assessment strategies

Unlike most of the professions, nursing should be more practical than theoretical (Schiemer, 2000). In this case, the assessment is better done in a clinical setting whereby the students are put in a health care facility so as to review their performances in the field of nursing. This is to say that the first assessment strategy is to keep the students in the field where there will be a direct assessment. This strategy will give them experience that they will apply in their future nursing practices. This strategy is also applicable to the nurses who are already in practice, and it helps in the employee education. The nursing students are monitored by either their instructors or qualified colleagues who assist them whenever the need arises. However, qualified nurses receive a minimal monitoring because their experience and qualifications leaves little doubt in the minds of their seniors. Nevertheless, mistakes can happen, and this is the reason why these nurses should be equipped with the knowledge of using PDA technology. This will support them in focusing less time in tracking down of information and more time in the care of patients.

The other direct assessment strategy in nursing is the observation of the individual’s performance. This can be done effortlessly in a hospital environment whereby their practical performance can be observed and recorded for improvement or recommendation. The observation of performance can be carried out in different fields. The first is the clinical performance observation, and it deals with how the nurse or the nursing student performs her medical duties at the hospital (Suskie, 2009). Here, observation can be done to monitor how the nurses track the patients’ data and how they capture the return information at the hospital. In most cases, observation is also applicable in monitoring how the nurses and nursing interns review the dosage of the patients and the prescription of medication.

The other performance observation is to monitor how the nurses manage and measure patients’ data outcomes. This deals with the ways in which they supervise the response of patients to the medication that they are receiving. After the supervision of the response, they measure the extent, in relation to time that the patient has recovered and when they should be discharged from the hospital. This timing should be accurate because a patient cannot afford to be released when they have not recovered fully of their ailment.

The service learning experiences is the other part of observing the performance of nurses and the nursing students. This is where the learning experiences of nurses and their capability to adapt to the hospital environment are assessed. This ensures that they are ready and qualified to be in the nursing profession. Nursing is a profession that calls for a lot of care and commitment by the individuals. This is because it deals with the life of people of which, if a lot of care is not taken, it can turn out to be dreadful.

An individual presentation is the other strategy that can be applied in the inspection of the performance of the nurses. This is where...
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