Education and Student Nurses

Topics: Education, Psychology, Person Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: February 4, 2013
NSTP is one of the means for us students to help those in need as well as for us to contribute to society by aiding these people to become better citizens. We chose Literacy Training Service or LTS for this semester because we aim to lend a hand to the grade five students of Nepomuceno Elementary School in their studies especially in reading and basic mathematics to the best of our abilities. Our main objective is to assist them to become literate and to cope with the lessons in class which they find difficult to understand.

At first, we only thought of NSTP as a subject that would only require our presence and attendance every meeting and that it would be one of those subjects that we might easily forget once we finished taking it up. We were reluctant to even take the subject to heart. Little did we know that NSTP is not just a subject to attend just for the sake of passing and for completion of units.

As student nurses, we are very much exposed to different kinds of people, different situations of everyday life, and to different communities as well. We were always taught by our mentors that we should always establish good relationships with these people. NSTP helped us develop and grow even more as student nurses. It opened our minds for us to be able to understand the different circumstances as to what the reason for the children, we tutor every Saturdays, for being unable to cope with the lessons in their classes. NSTP helped us not to be judgmental to these children and instead to extend our patience until they will be able to understand what is taught to them.

As student nurses, no matter how toxic our patient can be, at the end of the day we would always want to deliver effective care and see them get better because of us. Teaching children in the community is no different. No matter how difficult it can become to teach them their lessons, we would always want them to learn something from us even for a short period of...
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