Education and Child Rights

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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The importance of education cannot be denied because, it gives confidence and awareness of the world outside. However, not all the children around the world are not lucky enough to receive an education. There are various reasons why children cannot go to school. The main reason of missing out on an education is poverty. Poor families cannot afford to pay for school expenses such as books and uniforms. This leads to another problem:; parents make their children work to support their families. Therefore, these kids – especially girls- spend time at home cooking and doing other chores, helping their families,. wWhereas boys help their fathers on the farm, or working at different jobs. In addition to poverty, early marriage is another reason why kids cannot go to school. Sofia, from Tanzania, says that “My father tells me that, my main responsibilities are those of a future wife and mother, and that I won’t need an education for that.” (Save the Children) Early marriage is a global issue which can be considered as the violation of children rights. It effects the development of communities. Also, some children are more at risk of missing out on school than others, for example disabled children. Many people think that they cannot be taught or the conditions of the schools are not suitable for these kids. “Disabled children in developing countries had very little chance of going to school – their governments did not have the resources to create a separate system of special schools.” (Save Thethe Children). Around 75 million primary school age children around the world are missing out on an education. It gives children skills they need to participate in the world and feel better about themselves . themselves. It can improve people’s lives and may be a solution of the most of the problems.

Poverty causes athe lack of education. The lack of education creates problems in society. Uneducated people have difficulties in finding a...
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