Topics: Permian High School, Education in the United States, Ratliff Stadium Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Due to the severity of Boobie’s injury, Boobie, his uncle, and his coaches made a poor judgment by allowing him to play football. Boobie is suffering from a knee injury during the preseason game. After the doctor examined his knee and he recommended him to have arthroscopic surgery. Boobie has a significant fairly serious injury; he has a pretty serious injury to the part of his knee significant enough that Boobie, his uncle and his coaches should be concerned about what Boobie used good at football that he can’t do it anymore. The doctor knows how our body’s formed and they will advise us what the best solution for illness and a way to maintain good health. And from a doctor perspective, the things Boobie was great at was he was able to run, cut, hammer people and he doesn’t hesitate because he got a solid knee. Now, he can’t do that anymore with the incapacitated knee after the injury. They need to be on the same page with the doctor and take his advice. Boobie, his uncle, and his coaches should face that Boobie physically can’t play football anymore. They all have to accept that Boobie’s football career ended after the injury. Boobie is a seventeen year old high school boy, who is flashy, strong, and fast. He is not a good student in Permian High School, he’s having trouble with all major subjects and facing academic performance issues with learning disability. However, he is not the only one having academic performance issues. In fact, there were many students are having academic performance problems. As Bissinger points out that “in 1975, the average SAT score on the combined math and verbal sections at Permian was 963. For the senior class of 1988-89, the average combined SAT score was 85 points lower, 878” (p131). Permian’s SAT scores have dropped dramatically since 1970s and no one seems to care anymore. There are large amounts of students failing academic performance and it seems is not important after all for people in Odessa. For...
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