Educating Slum Dwellers

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Our exams were over and the result was also declared. Our all classmates passed the exams with flying colours. Myself and my close friend also got very good marks. It was the end of June our school was about to open from 1st of July. One fine morning I received a phone call from a friend of mine that all of us have to collect in school to submit our form for admission to the next class. So the very next day we went to our school. After completing the necessary formalities we all went to the canteen to have some refreshment and fun as well.

When we were discussing about our career some gave importance to academic achievement while other were of the opinion that job oriented education is more important than getting mere degree. One of our classmate said it is very easy to sit and discuss about education and its importance but have you ever seen the status of literacy in those who work hard daily to earn their bread and butter. Education, career and good job are mere words for them they do not know even the importance of being literate what to think of higher education. We had a serious discussion over it and the outcome of it was that we all will collect in our school on the coming Sunday with our old books and some of our old clothes which we can part away with and visit a near by slum to distribute them. We also decided to perform a street play to lay stress on importance of education and promote literacy among them by pursuing them to attend the classes which we will run in their locality on every Sunday in the evening.

Once everything was decided we contacted our principal and informed her about our idea. She was overwhelmed and not only gave her consent but also parted the school mini bus to take us to the slum on Sundays for this good cause. As per decision we all gathered in the school. The school bus was already there and to our delight our principal was also there to accompany us to boost our moral. She asked the bus driver to keep the microphone,...
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