Edu 500: Assignment #2

Topics: Adult education, Learning, Machine learning Pages: 6 (1948 words) Published: February 9, 2013
1. What do you think about self-directed learning in what and how we learn?

The concept of Self-Directed learning (SDL) has captured the interest of adult educator who interested in learning in adulthood and processes of SDL continues growing as evidenced by the expanded number of thoughtful and insightful publications within the last few year (Caffarella, 2003; Abdullah, 2001). Hiemstra (1994). Many public educational institutions have used this concept to describe one of the primary goals of their institutions: to enable their students to be life long, self directed learners.

Gibbons stated that “SDL is any increase in knowledge, skill, accomplishment, or personal development that an individual selects and brings about by his or her own efforts using any method in any circumstances at any time” (Gibbons, 2002, p.2).In self-directed learning (SDL), the individual takes the initiative and the responsibility for what occurs. Individuals select, manage, and assess their own learning activities, which can be pursued at any time, in any place, through any means, at any age. In school, teachers can work toward SDL a stage at a time. Teaching emphasizes SDL skills, processes, and systems rather than content coverage and tests. For the individual, SDL involves initiating personal challenge activities and developing the personal qualities to pursue them successfully. This website is devoted to illuminating these principals as they apply to schooling and to life. SDL also has described about several things are known about Self-Directed learners as the following: (1) learners could be empowered, take more responsibility for decision associated with the learning endeavor; (2) SDL is best viewed as continuum or characteristic exists to some degree in every learners and learning situation; (3) learners can take place in isolation from others but not necessary; (4) learners able to transfer learning in term of knowledge and study skill, from one situation to another; (5) learners can involve various activities and resources; (6) effective roles for teachers in SDL are possible; (7) some educational institute support SDL by using open-learning program, individualized study options, non-traditional course offering, and other innovative program. So, we can conclude that self-directed learning is one of the most researched topics in adult learning. Although learning on one’s own has been the principal model of learning throughout the ages, serious studies of this topics did not become prevalent until the 1970 and 1980s.  Presently SDL views learners as responsible owners and managers of their own learning process and integrates self-management with self-monitoring. SDL also recognizes the significant role of motivation and volition in initiating and maintaining learners’ effort, control shifts from teachers to learners. Teachers and instructors scaffold learning by making learning visible. SDL develops domain-specific knowledge as well as the ability to transfer conceptual knowledge to new situations

2. Can or should all learning be self-directed, why or why not?

Many scholar say’s it does not matter if there is a sage on the stage, a professor at the podium, or a tutor at the table:  all learning is self-directed.  Too often when there is a designate teacher or trainer, we absolve the responsibility we have for making sure we actually learn something.  That simply is not sustainable. If we truly want to consider ourselves lifelong learners, we must become more responsible for our own learning, more adept at designing and directing the learning experiences we most need, and more aware of how we engage in the learning opportunities life offers us each and every moment. Self directing learning is a process of learning, in which people take the primary initiative for planning carrying out and evaluating their own learning experience. So, all learners should not be self directed. Tough...
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