Edu 371 Week 2 Assignment

Topics: Education, Reading, Teacher Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: November 14, 2011
EDU 371: Phonics Based Reading and Decoding

Professor Lisa Edmonds

Week 2 Assignment: CD1 and CD2

Jamie Tracey

October 31, 2011

Week 2 Page 1

This week I listed to teaching CD 1 and CD 2 fom the Action Reading program Fundamentals: A Research Based, Phonics Tutorial Learn to Read Program by Jeanie Eller, MA. I have to admit that I find her voice a little irritating, but that is not the point of this experience. The activities and CDs are designed to help a teacher raise up a student in the art of phonics in a very stimulating environment.

CD 1 gave me foundational songs that can be used to help implement the program. I found the beginning information very positive. You never start at the top to build a house. How true is that? It made me think more about literacy. Why did we ever switch to learning words, sight reading, when that is considered the top, before we ever learned phonics? When I say we, I am refering to the children who have been taught in this fashion. With the occurance of dyslexia in America being attached to children who have been taught sight reading over phonics, it's important that we take the time to teach children the proper way to read. Again, we do not build a house from the top down, just as we should not teach whole words before we learn to sound them out. CD1 also gave foundation to the following CDs and bookwork. It talks about associating sounds with pictures (very interactive), action reading, learning the sounds first means you are on the right track now. The entire program seems to be based solidly on the engine sounds and repeats, repeats, repeats this until a student can say them perfectly and faster than lightening. I could not even say them as fast as my student. I enjoyed the Roman Army. The Romans introduced the alphabet and said we will write our alphabet with two letters to make a sound. Interesting for young children, just like the train engine. The songs like Billly Green,...
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