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Topics: Tort, Communication, Law Pages: 10 (2494 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Table of Contents
1.1Role of communication2
1.2 Positive educator-learner relationships2
1.3Learner participation in a multicultural classroom2
2.1 Improve learner motivation in classroom3
2.2 Draw up the following of a positive classroom policy:3
2.2.1Aims and objectives of our class3
2.2.2Rules of our classroom3
2.2.2Task division3
2.3 Define the following concepts:3
2.3.1 Leadership3
2.3.2 Control3
2.3.3 Intrinsic motivation3
2.3.4 Communication4
2.3.5 Cooperative learning4
2.4 Autocratic and democratic styles4
2.5 Conveying message4
Five elements of delictual liability5
1.Act or conduct5
5.Harmful consequence6
Contributory Fault6


1. Role of communication

Any relationship, without communication would collapse. To create a positive atmosphere in classroom – communication has to occur. What is communication? Coetzee, van Niekerk and Wyderman (2008: 82) describe communication as the transmitting of an idea by someone (the sender) and the understanding thereof by another (the receiver). Thus, the educator must be understood by the learner and learner must be understood by educator when conversing. Role of communication involves creating an understanding by the setting of ground rules, creating open professional dialogue with learners, holding personal discussions and creation of better relationships with learner. For the above responsibilities to be of impact, the educator involved need to adhere and fully commit him or herself into achieving each task profoundly.

1.2 Positive educator-learner relationships

According to Pianta (1999:1), positive educator-learner relationships are characterized by open communication, as well as emotional and academic support that exist between learners and educators. Positive educator-learner relationships become particularly important during early adolescence, as learner move from the supportive environment of primary school to the more disjointed atmosphere of a high school. They also become important for ensuring good academic performance from learners. I know this because the classes I enjoyed (when I was still a learner) were the ones I did well in. So for me to do well in those classes - I had to be internally happy in the class. This goes inline with what a theorist once wrote that any performance - including academic performance - is a product of ability multiplied by motivation. Motivation is intrinsic and involves emotion. If educator requires learners to perform – the educator has to motivate the learner in order for the learner to perform at the best of his or her ability. A motivated learner will perform well academically and then the educator will be satisfied by the outcome, resulting in a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

3. Learner participation in a multicultural classroom

The first thing to do is to learn about the different cultures in the classroom from cultural insiders, learners, books and internet. Adopt a story-telling teaching method whereby the learner will get an opportunity to share an experience using his or her past experience in his or her cultural background environment e.g. having a Zimbabwean in class should lead you to asking that learner about how certain thing in South Africa will he or she perform in Zimbabwe. They should share this knowledge also in oral and written form. Team work or group work should be adopted and the desks in the class should arrange as such. How the learners sit in class does also promote their participation. Each group should reflect diversity. When the individual learner or group ask question, the educator, is recommended to respond in a positive unbiased way to the learner question so to encourage repeated questioning behaviour. It is essential for the school to allow educator to undergo diversity...
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