Editing and Aggressive Sexual Advance

Topics: Editing, Employment, Publishing Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: March 18, 2013
This article talks about a young woman whose name is Laura who worked in a large publishing company in New York. Her job is a copy editor of many journals in a company. Some other people worked with her in the same journal. There is a man whose name is Tim. He is a senior editor because he worked long time in the company and he has more experience than other people. Laura worked in the company for one month. One day Laura and her fellows decided to go to pub to have a relaxing after work. Everyone have a wonderful night and they drunk more alcohol. After they went out of the bar, Tim asked a cab and invited Laura in. When Laura sited in the cab, Tim made an aggressive sexual advance toward her. Laura scared by Tim’s action and move it to the front. The next day when Laura arrived at workplace, she met Tim. Tim had a apologized to Laura about his behaviour last night in the cab. Laura accepted his apologize. But in the three months later, Tim always say sorry to Laura. That is a disturb. It disturbed Laura’s work and mood. So Laura applied to change job to another apartment. Some conflict appeared in the relationship, it depends on different people’s value, personality and individuals’ style. Actually, during the conflict, compared to men, women focus on the consequences of relationship. The lower targets. Use fewer alternatives to improve their outcomes and see the process as necessarily competitive. From that case, we can see the conflict between Laura and Tim. Tim made this conflict because his personality and incorrect value. Tim thought Laura was a new employee and made an aggressive sexual advance her. After happened that thing, Laura want to change job to another apartment because Laura focus on the consequence of relationship. She didn’t want this affair influence her job and the relationship between them. The lower targets is just Laura change another workplace to avoid Tim’ s apologize.

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