Ed Gein

Topics: Ed Gein, Plainfield, Wisconsin Pages: 7 (2763 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Edward Theodore Gein was born on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, WI. They later moved to Plainfield. Ed went to Roche-a-Cri grade school when he was eight. Later the school merged with the white school and that is where Ed completed his education in the eighth grade at the age of sixteen. Ed was an odd little boy with a droopy eyelid due to an abnormal growth on it. People could tell Ed was different, even Ed knew something wasn’t right. He “felt overwhelmingly alone, hopelessly cut off from his classmates. (Schechter 19) No one got close to Ed. He was considered an “off beat, distant little boy.” (Woods 9) Kids were mean and insulted him calling him “milksop” and “saggy baggy eye.” (Woods 12) This would make Ed upset, he would cry and run away. At home Ed didn’t have it much better. His mother Augusta was very protective and overbearing to Ed and his brother Henry. Gein was an isolated child with an over obsessive mother. Augusta thought all woman were evil, she was very religious and made Ed her little pet. She was determined not to let Ed turn out like all the other men in the world. It seemed every time Ed got close to having a friend his mother would find out and always had a reason why Ed couldn’t talk to them. Either the “boys family had a bad reputation, or there were dark rumors about the fathers past or the mother was known to be a woman of questionable virtue.“ (Schechter 20) Before Augusta even had children, after she was married , she “quickly assumed the role of domestic tyrant. Her own deformities of character - her harshness, rigidity and fierce intolerance became ever more pronounced.” (Schechter 11) The teasing and insensitivity of the other children just made Ed think his mother was right about everything. Once Augusta caught Ed in the bath with a National Geographic magazine she asked “Edward are you diddlin with yourself again?” (Woods 17) Then she grabbed his genitals and said “you know this is the curse of man.” (Woods 17) Augusta made her son’s promise that they would “keep themselves uncontaminated by women.” (Schechter 23) Ed’s father, George had a hard life, losing his father, mother and sister in a flood when he was just a little boy. He was left all alone. He was a drunk that beat Augusta and the boys as well, he was always at the bar or hiding away from the family and never spent time with his sons. George was also very cruel to Ed. He called him names such as “dick less little girl,” “little runt,” “sissy boy,” and “ limpid doe eyes.”(Woods 12) He once back handed Ed so hard, it made his head ring. They all worked so hard on their farm and still barely had enough food to survive. Their farmhouse had no electric or indoor pluming. Ed and Henry were almost treated as slaves doing hard labor everyday, they only left the farm to get supplies for their mother. One day Ed and Henry were caught in a brush fire. Ed claims that he couldn’t see his brother so he ran to get help. When they came back to look for Henry it seemed as if Ed led them right to the spot where his dead body laid. However Henry’s body wasn’t burned, it looked as if he had been hit in the head with a blunt object. They thought maybe he fell and hit his head on a rock. Not until later did people suspect that Ed had something to do with the death. Apparently the brothers disagreed on the true faith of their mother. Ed believed that she was perfect and Henry did not. On April 1st, 1940 George passed away. Augusta and Ed were left alone to run the 275 acre farm. Augusta suffered a stroke and was left unable to do any more work at the farm. Ed had to then care for her as well as all the farm work that had to be done. Her yelling and orders became unbearable. On December 2nd, 1945 Augusta suffered another stroke that took her life. Ed was lost. He sealed off all his mothers rooms in the house and only kept open the kitchen and the living room for himself, it was to unbearable for him. He preserved the rooms exactly how they were nice...
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