Economy of the United States Before During and After World War Ii

Topics: World War II, Great Depression, Federal government of the United States Pages: 3 (1206 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Well... we're going through the WWII section of our US History class right now... and, well... our text book says that the American economy was coming out of the Depression at that time. Switching factories' equipment to make wartime things, such as uniforms, tanks, ships, planes, and ammunition, helped to boost the economy. Women worked in manufacturing while the men were gone, and minorities gained many rights, or at least brought their issues to the surface. People at home were encouraged to recycle rubber, nylon, iron, bone, animal fats, and donate unused things to be re-used in the war effort. They were also encouraged to ration their food and gas, and often grew "Liberty Gardens." Unfortunately, World War II also made the American Government used to relying on 'deficit spending' (government spending of borrowed money), causing economic problems that still linger today. That's all I have. Hope it helps!

Everything listed above is definatly true to a point, I'm a history major who has to answer this question for an exam later this week so I thought I'd help add some more information for the people who are looking... WWII was an expensive war, it would cost $304 billion just to finance it. For this reason the governmnet pushed war bonds which encouraged common people to help support the war both with their money and with their hearts. From the get go the war was marketed to the common people, proven by the use of popular movie stars in the promotion of War fund-raising and compliance with governmnet measures. After pearl harbor, the American people were ready to pour everything they had into the war effort. Women donated thousands of tons of aluminum cooking supplies to help build planes-- though it was later found that only virgin aluminum was good enough for aircraft and so their pots and pans were melted down and sold back to them as pots and pans. In the first months of the war Washington was a mess, and mobilization was slow. This is because our...
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