Economics of Sports

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Dr.Jyotsna Deshpande H.O.D.Economics Shri Binzani City College.Nagpur Dr. Anil Karwande Principal People are taking more interest in the games like cricket, chess, tennis, where more professionalism is involved. In other words, we can say that more money is involved the flow of name / fame / money is more. Parents are looking with the views of development of carrier towards these games as in future it is going to generate lot of money. They are spending more for preparation of players the approach is also professional. But to reach at particular level how much expenditure is actually required (Direct or Indirect) in a particular game is not yet know. Previously when the approach was amature the concept of only taking part in sports was in extistaure. But now we are actually ‘Producing’ a player with involvement of money, time, manpower etc. Therefore it is necessary to study the cost based analyses in economics. The aim of sports is to produce player where as in economics we study the cost based analysis. That is why this topic (study) has interdisciplinary relevance. ECONOMICS OF SPORTS Economics as a social science concerned with the proper use and allocation of resources for the maxium satisfaction of human being.While studying the subject, Sports Economics, it was revealed that the word economics itself denotes implicit meaning of wealth. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

The sports and politics, sports and economics and sports and development of the nations have an intemate relationship. The importance of the selection of the subject is to find out the inter related international competitiveness between the different countries. Sport is one of the important factors and its relationship between politics as well as economics, need not be over emphasised. India although, is a developing country and not one of the worlds sports power, accepted the need to help talented pupils and to improve performance to their maximum capacity. In many countries, cricket is a favourite sport but in India it is most favourable among Indian people. Audio-Visual aids, News media contributed its major share to make it more favourable amongest people. The young generation has a firm belief that cricket is responsible for quick changes in their social and economic status in Nagpur University Inter-college tournament, maximum entries in cricket are received every year. Inspite of the above facts, it remains a Million Dollar question why India is unable to produce players of international standard. So also in the case with producing fast bowlers. In order to probe into the Million Dollar question, this subject has been specifically chosen also for this research. This is a survey type of research, the study was limited basically in colleges affilation to Nagpur University which were established up to 2000. Till 2000, 310 colleges were affilated to Nagpur University.

The Number of colleges of various facilities and the filled up questionnaires are show in the table given below :

S.No. Faculty Received
1.Arts, Commerce, Science 35
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