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  • Published: November 1, 2010
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The child I chose to observe was a 6 year old boy that I will refer to as Timmy. Timmy is an intelligent, active little boy who reportedly struggles with behavior. Timmy lives with his parents. He has two 14 year old half sisters one of each belonging to his mom and dad prior to them meeting and getting married. The sisters live in the home with Timmy part time. I observed Timmy in his afternoon childcare classroom from 10:55am-11:55am. The classroom was spacious with large windows along one of the walls over looking the playground. The remainder of the walls displayed art work created by the children. The room had clearly defined centers such as a Writing center with pencils, colored paper and pumpkin shaped paper punchers. A Library with two small couches, a house plant and an assortment of books. A Sensory center with orange water, small real pumpkins and circle shaped measuring utensils. A Block center with cars, a long wooden ramp, safety glasses and large brick blocks. The classroom also had Dramatic play, Art, Group and Science centers.

I began my observation of Timmy when he returned to childcare after attending Kindergarten at a nearby public school. It had been a half day at school so Timmy and his other classmates arrived at 10:45am. Timmy came into his classroom at 10:55am. He immediately noticed his teacher. He ran over and greeted her with a big hug, his teacher was very receptive and welcomed Timmy to class. She then asked him how his day at school was before she was bombarded by many other hellos and Timmy walked away. Timmy then headed over to see what the children were involved in over at the table. He stood at the table asking one of the children a “5 year old boy” what he was making. The little boy appeared to be emerged in creating something with paper, glue, markers and white crayons. The boy answered Timmy by saying “I’m making a spider.” Timmy replied to the boy “I wanna make one.” Timmy then ran over to his teacher along with another little boy who had approached the table and both boys said to her. “I wanna make a spider” The teacher told the boys they could. She walked over to the table with the boys. She asked the boys what color spider they wanted to make. Timmy replied “red and black”. She handed him some scissors along with the other child and asked them to cut a circle out of one piece of paper and then she showed the boys how to cut strips out of the other piece of paper to make legs. She showed the boys the markers and encouraged them to give their spiders a face. Timmy sat down and started cutting a circle from his red paper, he talked with the boys at the table while he was cutting. Timmy moved in his chair frequently while working he then burped out loud repeatedly while looking at the other children and giggling. Timmy was then asked by his teacher to say excuse me. He said “excuse” me and continued to work on his project. Timmy cut a red circle, he then took a black marker and drew two circle eyes, a mouth and several small circles in a line. The children at the table were referring to the circles as teeth. Timmy also said his circles were teeth to his classmates. Eventually Timmy was finishing up his spider when the teacher asked the class to begin cleaning up their work areas it was time too wash up for lunch. Timmy got up from the table and ran into the bathroom with two other boys to wash hands. You could hear the laughing and joking going on in the restroom when the teacher entered the bathroom and asked Timmy along with the other boys to “finish up and please come out and sit in your seat for lunch.” Timmy came out of the restroom and sat down in his chair. At the table was lunch. Lunch was placed on the table in a family style format for the children. The teacher also joined them at the table for meal time. Once the class was all sitting in their seats the teacher sang a song with the class and Timmy sang along. Then the children were reminded to...
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