Eat Pray Love Independent Reading Project

Topics: Anecdote, Audience, Novel Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: February 28, 2012
Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

1) Oblong (Page 12)- Deviating from a circular or spherical form (elliptical, oval) 2) Lampascione (Page 56)- Italian wild onion bulbs (no synonyms) 3) Incoherent (Page 86)- Lacking orderly arrangement (disjointed, unconnected) 4) Melancholy (Page 101)- A depression of spirits (gloomy, sorrowful, oppression) 5) Anguished (Page 105)- Suffering from extreme pain (aching, agonized) 6) Shamanistic (Page 145)- Belief in an unseen world of gods and demons (no synonyms) 7) Beatifically ({Page 190)- Having a blissful appearance (colorific, honorific) 8) Transcendental (Page 199)- Exceeding usual limits (supernatural, unearthy) 9) Venerable (Page 219)- Impressive by reason of age (venerated, sacred) 10) Autonomy (Page 283)- Self governing (free will, volition)

1) “So it’s hammering down rain today, and I show up to school early (lke I always have- geek!) and I take the test. It’s such a hard test! I can’t get through even a tenth of it! I know so much Italian, I know dozens of words in Italian, but they don’t ask me anything that I know. Then there’s an oral exam, which is even worse. There’s this skinny Italian teacher interviewing me and speaking way too fast, in my opinion, and I should be doing so much better than this but I’m nervous and making mistakes with stuff I already know (like, why did I say Vado a scuola instead of Sono andata a scuola? I know that!) – Page 43

In this passage, Elizabeth Gilbert is writing an anecdote about her experience of taking her Italian test. Throughout this anecdote, she writes on a personal level, using unchallenging diction. The lack of challenging vocabulary words causes the audience to think of Gilbert as a person they are having a conversation with or that they are close to, instead of just an author. She also chooses to write side notes such as “(like I always have- geek!)” and “(like, why did I say Vado a scuola instead of Sono andata a...
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