Eastman Chemical Has Made Quality an Important Part of Its Overall Mission or Strategic Intent

Topics: Value, Value added, Focus group Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: February 25, 2012
Eastman Chemical has made quality an important part of its overall mission or Strategic Intent 1)Eastman has made quality an important part of its overall mission or “Strategic Intent.” As a way of drawing attention to the company’s strategic intent, it is prominently displayed throughout the company’s many sites. Why would Eastman display its strategic intent throughout the company? This is to become the leader or promote/encourage creativity on such intent. Like for instance, in the book of Foster, chapter 5, in question number 11 “ What is the basic idea behind a focus group? Are focus groups an effective way of gathering data about customer preferences and tastes?” It defines a focus group as “actively solicited customer feedback.” They gather “customers and solicit their ideas and reactions to products or concepts. They also address a selection of individuals with similar characteristics. Their steps are: to Identify Purpose, narrow scope of questions, select target population, develop questions, run multiple groups and Summarize and develop common themes. To give example of such strategic intent, is the use of Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB) took a 15% stake in the United Microelectronics Corp’s (UMC) a $3.6 billion silicon-wafer foundry, a Taipei-based company’s investment is the largest ever in the Singapore electronics industry. There was a US$29 million allocation to this EDB program that supports overseas training of engineers and other personnel. This program helps pay for living expenses, transportation, and salaries of workers sent overseas for training under the auspices of the manufacturing companies locating in Singapore and one of the companies that has benefited from grants under this program is Eastman Chemical Co., in which it opened a $200 million complex in Singapore 2 years ago. The organization was able to train the lead operators in an Eastman facility in Texas. In availing this type of program by Eastman...
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