Earthquake Resistant Buildings

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Earthquake Resistant Buildings

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Earthquakes are major geological phenomena. Man has been terrified this phenomena for ages, as little has been known about the causes of earthquakes, but it leaves behind a trail of destruction. There are hundreds of small earthquakes around the world every day. Some of them are so minor that humans cannot feel but, seismographs and other sensitive machines can record them. Earth’s seemingly solid outer surface – continents with their submarine shelves, and the rocky floor of the deep ocean – is in fact divided like a jigsaw puzzle into huge sections called plates. Earthquakes occur when tectonic plates move and rub against each other it is driven by convection currents deep within the earth. This might cause a large earthquakes as the tectonic plates try to settle down.

Since man started putting up buildings, the earthquake has trying to knock them down. Mankind learned early on how to earthquake proof their buildings, but only recently have this earthquake-resistant structures begun to reach truly massive size.

The new technologies and new testing methods is the reason on today’s largest buildings can stay safe in a quake without compromising their size or aesthetic design. In fact, to attain their great height, many of the largest buildings utilize architectural elements that also protect them in case of disaster.

Background of the study
Numerous people are killed annually by earthquakes, and destroy properties worth of billions. Making choices on where to live, knowing the difference between safe and unsafe buildings should somehow protect you from this natural occurrence. But nothing is guaranteed when it comes to earthquakes or other calamities. It is imperative that structures designed to...
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