Earth Space Science Chapter Challenge

Topics: Tornado, Wind, Tropical cyclone Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: February 19, 2008
To build an arena here in [ CITY ], you will have to know some of the severe weather hazards that we go through and how we can overcome it. It is important to know what kind of weather [ CITY ] goes through to ensure people's safety and know what to expect during certain time of the year. [ CITY ] encounters five severe weather hazards: thunderstorms, flash floods, lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes. Thunderstorms are a short lived weather system that produces rain, lightning, and rarely tornadoes. Flash floods are a sudden rise in water levels of a steam, river, or manmade drainage system. Lightning is an electrical discharge, and thunder is the shock wave lightning leaves behind. Hurricanes are cyclones that develop over warm tropical oceans. Tornadoes are cylindrical shaped cloud masses with very strong winds and powerful updrafts. All these weather systems are capable of causing severe damage to the community depending on how strong they are. Preparations in advance and safety procedure for each hazard are listed down below to help you get ready once the arena is made. Thunderstorm

A thunder-storm is a relatively small short-lived weather system that normally lasts for twenty minutes to several hours. Thunderstorms go through three cycles: cumulus, mature and dissipating. In the cumulus stage, cumulus clouds are formed through many different types of uplift. Most clouds here in Florida are formed through convective uplift and convergence because of its location. After the cumulus stage, it goes through the mature stage, where cumulus clouds turn into cumulonimbus clouds and starts precipitating. This is the stage when precipitations are the heaviest. The dissipating stage follows after which is when precipitation tapers off and clouds dissipate. Even though most thunderstorms aren't that severe, there are exceptionally strong ones that occur once in a while that may provide to be a threat to the community....
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