Earth and Outer Space

Topics: Milky Way, Earth, Solar System Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Atlas the Mighty
One day a comet named Chino was flying in space and smashing everything on its way. Until he reached the Milky Way galaxy. He collided with another comet near a black hole. The explosion was so the black hole exploded and made many planets. The planets were scattered throughout the galaxy. Then the being that was inside named Atlas came out and headed towards earth since he was near the planets. Atlas then started pulling things out a small bag that he contained around his waist. He pulled out things that looked like little mountains. Atlas then threw the mini mountains to the floor and Poof Mountains transformed bigger out of nowhere. Then came the oceans, volcanoes, and at last the jungles. He then decided that he wanted one big continent but after he saw the result he didn’t like it so he clapped and then the big continent broke creating 7 different continents that started drifting apart from each other. He then realized that the world looked empty but didn’t know what to do and from out of nowhere a meteor fell from the sky. So Atlas amazed went to see what had happen when he saw his friend Adam come out of the meteor he then rushed toward him to greet him. Adam had come from outer space to help Atlas make Critters. But Atlas was tired of all the work he had done so instead he let Adam do the job. So Adam headed out and went on making animals. First came the fishes but they had legs and could walk on land. They also created tides and waves when they came out of the water. Then the apes came next, they where huge and had created earthquakes every time they would walk. And final was the Ox who would roar and create hurricanes. Then Atlas felt all this changes and started of to look for Adam. When he found him he told Adam to stop because he was going 2 destroy his planets. So he vanished the creatures. But there was a big problem, even thought the creatures where gone the earthquakes, tides, waves, and hurricanes...
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