Early vs.Modern Civilization

Topics: Sociology, Civilization, Education Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: December 2, 2011
Stanislaus 1 Evelyn StanislausMr. A. SaenzSoc 101Oct. 14 ,2011 Early Vs. Modern CivilizationWhen we look around our world today it can be difficult to see and believe just how futile we were in our beginning. When we see all of the modern buildings ,forms of transportation and things such as language we can come to realize just how much we have grown in knowledge compared to our beginning years. Lets take a look at the ways we have changed and even some of the things that are still present in modern civilization.Stanislaus 2In early developmental years, societies were based simply on survival. Each society had its set of norms and values . An example is in the movie “ The Indians of California.” Each person in the tribe had a role. There was leadership the men were hunters and gatherers and the women were responsible for the making of baskets and cooking the food that the men provided for their tribe. The tribe was very self sufficient in that it used materials to make tools and weapons and basically all the things that were needed for survival. Our society today is much the same just much more modern and complex. In early civilization communication was limited to things such as feeble sounds and hand gestures such as was the case in the movie “One Million Years B.C.” Throughout the development of civilization communication has grown from simple gestures to complex vocabulary including different languages all around the...
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