Early Mesopotamian Architecture

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Early Mesopotamian Architecture

* Eridu – is the first significant example of the initial association of the Mesopotamian tradition in architecture with that of the Sumerians. * Warka – was by far the largest of the Sumerian cities which eventually, in the Early Dynastic Period .The two major areas of the city with important buildings were the Eanna and the Annu precincts, associated with the mother goddess and the sky god respectively, and dating back to the late fifth millennium B.C. One of the most striking examples of this is the so called Pillar Temple, which stood on a terrace or platform included two rows of massive columns, 2.6 m (8 ft 6 ins) in diameter.


The Temple Complex, Ischali

* The temple complex, ischali of the early second millennium was of the terrace type, without a ziggurat. It was rectangular in plan, with large main terrace court and an upper one in which the temple lay at right angles to the chief axis.

The Temple oval at khafaje

* The oval at khafaje was an usual complex, dating from the Early Dynastic period. There was the enclosure within another. Despite the unorthodox shape,the groups affords an excellent illustration of the parts of a temple complex of the terrace type normal in the Early Dynastic period.

The Palace at Mari

* The Palace at Mar was founded in the late millennium B.C and endured until its destruction by Hammurabi of Babylon.

Assyrian Architecture

Fort Shalmanester , Nimrud

* Fort Shalmanester, Nimrud was built by Shalmanester III (859-824 B.C) outside the citadel, which he used as the administrative capital. The Fort served as palace, barracks, arsenal and storehouse

The Temple of Ezida

* The Temple of Ezida was built towads the end of the ninth century B.C and included in its main wing the double sabctuary of Nabu (god of writing) and his Consort.

Palace of Sargon

* Palace of Sargon a complex of large and small courts, corridors and rooms,...
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