Early History

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Early History
According to the History of Computing organization, data communication has its earliest roots in Samuel Morse's 1837 exhibition of a telegraph system. An account of data communication history posted by telecommunications experts at General Telecom, LLC also points to a telegraph patent that inventor Charles Wheatstone filed that same year. By 1843, telegraph service had become adopted by the Great Western Railway, an endorsement that allowed the service to expand across the nation. •Sponsored Links

oData Integration
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Telecom Developments
Improving on the telegraph, according to the History of Computing, Alexander Graham Bell introduced the telephone in 1876. Though standard telephone lines did not carry data traffic until nearly a hundred years later, the development of early telecommunications---coupled with an 1895 invention by Guglielmo Marconi, the radio---laid the groundwork for numerous subsequent developments in communication technology. In 1947, Bell Labs introduced the transistor, a device that found integration in myriad subsequent electronic products. The U.S. government expanded on these technologies in 1958 with its launch of a communications-oriented satellite, and the first facsimile transmission over standard telephone lines occurred four years later. Computer Connections

After the first fax transmission in 1962, the modulation of data into sound for transmission across telephone lines spread in popularity for several years. Though modulation/demodulation, or modem, technology continued to carry slower data traffic for the remainder of the 20th century, according to the History of Computing, the 1969 development of Internet Protocol (IP) marked a significant milestone in data communication history. Within the following decades, early packet communication technologies like Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Frame Relay and Integrated...
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