Early Childhood Observation Paper

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Observation Paper #1 Environment
During my observation at the preschool here at Harper, I looked around and realized a lot of similarities and differences it has; compared to other daycare and preschool centers. The age of children in the room I observed was ages 3-5 with one lead teacher, and depending on the ratio of how many kids showed up on that day, about three or four helping teachers. The program was set up to a very open, happy and overwhelming setting. Every furniture and object in the room had a sign saying what it was, and then underneath the typed out word was the children’s way of writing what the object was. For example, a book shelf was in the corner of the room; on the book shelf was the word printed out “Book Shelf”. Underneath the typed out sign was Childs handwriting of the word “Book Shelf” and then a picture of the children at the book shelf showing what it is used for. During the time I observed, I came in during arrival time, and throughout the time I would watch them do play time, circle time, snack time, and then outside time before my time was over for the day. Schedule:

Their schedule was up on the parent board, and all around the room of the times, and what the children do throughout the day. On the door when you walk in, there is a big sign of the times and a picture showing what the children do at those times. For example, 8:30-920 is play time and there is a picture of the children playing on the carpet or at the sand tables. It shows when they wash hands, go outside, and when they eat snack in the morning. The schedule is very strict and the teachers stick to it, just because it is what the parents and the children are use to, that way the children know when to clean up and they can also help; since they know when to start doing that. Room Arrangement:

The room is arranged with centers, and at each center is a counter filled with bins of little toys, paper and other coloring materials, also cars and...
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