Eacher Talks to Armed Student Into Giving Up, Police Say

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“Teacher Talks to Armed Student into Giving Up, Police Say” By the CNN Wire Staff
This took place at Taft Union High School near Bakersfield, California. This school shooting started because the student was a victim of bullying and he wanted revenge. The student came to school and shot one student and missed another. He called the student who was bullying him, and the came out of hiding and apologized, but the teacher, Ryan Heber, interrupted and he came face to face with the 16- year-old student, who was armed. Heber wasn’t sure with this if the student was either, going to put the weapon down or continue shooting. While the student was distracted, Supervisor Kim Fields took the rest of the students so they could escape. Finally, the shooter surrendered and the police took the student into custody. Friday, the next day, school was cancelled due to the situation, but counseling sessions were held that morning for teachers or students who wished to attend. Before Heber spoke to the shooter, the student who was shot in the process was in a critical, yet a stable condition. Kern County Sheriff, Donny Youngblood said “The name of the student wasn’t released, and is debating whether he will be charged as an adult or not.” KDET reported “Heber is a well-known and liked science teacher and was a graduate at Taft and with the situation the Heber family will be there for him with emotional support.” The Taft shooting was the latest school shooting in the U.S., and it launched a big debate whether teachers should carry weapons to protect themselves and others in case of another shooting. Immediately after the shooting, parents went to the school to pick up their children and express concern about the school security. A parent reported “We’re going to protect our students a lot more, and it goes to show that there is one bad apple out there.”

This shooting should be considered a bad thing because of the shooting and the student who was shot in the process, but it was...
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