Dynamics of Strategy

Topics: Strategic management, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Community Pages: 31 (7322 words) Published: October 12, 2011

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Executive Summary

This paper will critically analyse the current strategic position of Unilever Caribbean Ltd. It will evaluate the external business environment, critically assess its strategic resource capability and examine the extent to which these are a strategic fit within its environment.

It will also set out detailed recommendations on the future strategic direction for Unilever Caribbean Ltd. This will be done by showing its feasibility, acceptability and suitability complete with a detailed implementation plan.

Throughout the analysis relevant theories/paradigms will be used to ground opinions and views of the author.


In conducting the critical analysis of Unilever Caribbean Limited the following will be carried out:

1. Interviews with UCL’s managers
2. Internet (e.g. Latin America Monitor & UCL global site) research. 3. A review of the UCL Annual Reports
4. Journals/Books will be reviewed.
5. Newspaper articles will be scanned.
6. Observations will be carried out at point of sale (groceries, mom and pop shops etc.).

This paper will give an overview of the strategic history of Unilever Caribbean Limited (UCL) to this point. It will critically analyse the current strategic position of UCL through a strategic analysis of the internal and external business environment including its strategic resource capabilities using grounded theory, interviews, the internet, UCL’s annual reports, journals, books and observations. It will also look closely at its current strategic direction and its strategic fit.

The objectives of this analysis will be as follows:

• To establish if UCL’s current business strategy is aligned with the current market conditions. • To identify gaps and make recommendations to improve performance. • To develop an implementation plan for one of these recommendations. Strategic History

Unilever Caribbean Limited, located on the Eastern Main Road in Champs Fleurs, Trinidad, is a member of the vibrant and dynamic multi-national Unilever PCL which manufactures markets and distributes fast moving consumer goods. The origin of the present Company in Trinidad dates to 1929, when two predecessor companies – Trinidad Manufacturing & Refining, and West Indian Oil Industries – were established in Trinidad to produce crude soaps and fats. Unilever used an acquisition strategy by acquiring the two companies and merging them into Lever Brothers West Indies Ltd. (LBWI) in 1964. In 2000 they launched the Path to Growth Strategy focusing on core brands, global buying and margin growth. In 2004, Unilever worldwide re-launched its corporate brand and logo and with this Lever Brothers West Indies became Unilever Caribbean Limited through a unanimous shareholder vote. In 2009 under new leadership ‘The Compass Strategy’ was launched aiming at doubling the size of the business adopting a growth strategy by focusing on the consumers and the customers. The current location of the Unilever factory at Champs Fleurs was built in 1960 and currently houses two plants – a Home Care facility which manufactures Breeze and Radiante laundry detergents, Quix Dishwashing Liquid, Cif Scourer and Comfort Fabric Softener, as well as a Foods Plant which manufactures popular margarine lines such as Blue Band, Flora, I Can’t Believe its Not Butter, Becel, Cookeen and Golden Ray. The local operation also imports finished goods from Unilever sites throughout the globe to market in Trinidad and Tobago as well as in its 17 export...
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