Dynamics of Music

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Music-the average person would think of it as just sound constructed together cleverly with differing instruments or voices. Or even technology. But, to Evelyn Glennie, it is so much more than that. Starting in childhood, she took lessons in drumming and becoming a musician; and now as an extremely experienced percussionist, and a disabled person, Ms Glennie has learned to appreciate every aspect of not only music, but sound.

In order to teach her audiences about listening to sound, she begins by simply stressing, “Listen, listen, listen, listen” in order to gain their attention. Then she goes into detail of the two subcategories-playing music and listening to music. She advises musicians to feel the vibration, intensity, dynamics, and energy and thrill throughout the whole body. And as for listeners, she advises sensing and feeling the emotion portrayed and dynamics used in order to get these emotions.

Music has specific directions, but they are all in order to translate dynamics-they are very straightforward. Do not judge a piece of music by its cover! And sheet music is helpful, and sometimes necessary, but do not let it take the “feel” away-the interpretation. Technology also has a big part in music (for example, resonators and devices to enhance musical quality for deaf people.) Thanks to the growing evolution of it and plain human rawness, music has really excelled.

Just looking at the parts of a certain piece will give sight of characteristics of it, and what the piece is about. But that is not enough. Listening is the key to get more out of it.
We are all different with different makeup just like instruments. But, then again, we are all connected by sound-not just music. Everything is about sensation. Like a rustling tree-it may not be audible to some, but it can be imagined.

In order to actually listen to music, sound, everything, one must embark on a journey to learn to interpret everything through discovery without an instrument on one’s own....
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