Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Adolescence Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: February 1, 2013
If we leave aside the first two years of life, adolescence is the period of time where happens large and fast changes in human life. Social and cultural influence are extremely big.Before many decades the teenage problems were not pronounced as they are today.Before ,the significant change was moving from childhood to adult without any pronounced disturbances.In that societies children 11-12 years were expected to take adult responsibilities and the profession was decided from their parents profession. "Who am I?" Or "What do I want to become?".Expect the profession parents also decides who they were going to married in early ages.Adolescence as we know today is not only the result of the physical development ,physiological and psychological but also cultural and social changes.She is not the same in different parts of the world,also it doesn’t have the same difficulties.Adolescence characteristics always change.Adolescence in modern concepts of personality development is understood as a specific stage in development, accompanied by sensational crisis mental, emotional, and moral concerns .It is seen as a transitional phase from childhood to maturity.when the stage of adolescence come big physical changes happen.It has 5 important stages:pre-adolescence,earlier,middle,late adolescence.Every stage causes different crises,And the mos important are: the crisis (confusion) of identity, crisis of authority, asceticism, hipokondria and sexuality crisis. Adolescence as a period of human development and it is the creation of modern society,also its complicated conditions.Begins when the child
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