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Topics: Darwin Island, Metaphor, Simile Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Idea/s - Conveys the impression that Darwin is a place where people who don’t fit in come together| Topic sentence/s – the distinctively visual setting in Maestro assists in representing/capturing the identity of Darwin of the 1960’s. | Evidence| Techniques| Effect|

After a difficult days work at the hospital not long after arriving in Darwin, Paul’s father remarks rather irately that “All the drifters”, the misfits”, “All the scum in the country has somehow risen to this one town” (p.8)| Metaphors, adjectives| Irritation is emitted by the use of metaphors and adjectives.| Paul’s initial observations of Darwin as he moved there is that “I loved the town of booze and blow at first sight. And above all its smell: those hot, steamy perfumes that wrapped about me as we stepped off the plane… Moist, compost air. Sweet‐and‐sour air…” (p.9)| Metaphors, oxymoron, adjectives, alliteration, imagery| | As Paul got used to the surrounding of Darwin, he describes that “Everything grew larger than life in the steamy hothouse of Darwin, and the people were no exception.” (p. 11) | Metaphors, descriptive language| | Paul explains the people in Darwin that “They sought forgetfulness, not remembrance…A town populated by men who had run as far as they could flee.” (p.17)| Descriptive language, similes, metaphors| |

Idea/s – the protagonist, Paul, shows his immaturity through is behaviour | Topic sentence/s –the immaturity of some characters can be shown through the distinctively visual techniques used.| Evidence/quotes| Techniques| Effect|

I was child enough – self centred enough – to think it likely. (p.5) (Paul reminisces about his thoughts on Keller when he was fifteen) | | | Apart from the piano they had little in common. When I think of my parents, I see only polarities. (p.15)(Paul’s views of his parents)| | | I performed…basking in an older, more adult acceptance that should have more than compensated...
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