Durian Peeling as Substitute Material for Handmade Paper

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Waste, Paper Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: July 31, 2012
Paper is a fundamentalpart of most of the society: worldwide, a total of approximately 300 million tons of paper are produced each day, and approximately 90 % of this paper is produced from mature pulp wood. In addition, the demand for paper is expected to increase. Today the finest of papers are produced all over the world. But one dismaying fact is that millions of trees are used to make paper.Trees do so much more than add aesthetic beauty to our landscape while shielding us from intense sun rays. They also filter airborne pollutants and sequester carbon dioxide emissions, ultimately enabling us to breathe a lot easier , that is why when millions of trees die because they are the ones used in conventional paper making methods, it does not only affect the aesthetic beauty as mentioned above but it also causes destructive pollution problems which has a disastrous affect not only to our beautiful ecosystem but consequently to the human populace as well. Durian is widely known and revered in southeast Asia, distinctive for its large size, unique odor, and formidable thorn-covered husk. According to Department of Agriculture’s High Value Commercial Crops Regional Coordinator Melani A. Provido, the Philippines is producing around 54,700 metric tons of durian annually, with majority of production areas located in Mindanao. The flesh and seeds make up around 60 percent of the fruit, while the husk or skin which is generally considered waste material represents 40 percent or 21,880 metric tons. Hence, every year, we are producing around 22,000 metric tons of durian husk, which usually end up in the garbage dumps or worse, are just left along the sides of the streets to rot. Instead of just dumping durian rinds to waste, we could utilize the rind as one of the raw materials in making handmade paper.

This study aspires to have an unconventional and alternative method for making...
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