Dunnes Stores Internal and External Organisational Structures

Topics: Surgery, Employment, Minimally invasive Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Cosmetic surgery in 50 years times
Cosmetic surgery has made a tremendous progress in the last decades due to its high demand, achieving a lot of important breakthroughs such as laser and minimally invasive surgery. Undoubtedly, it has become increasingly popular. From my point of view, there will be significant technological changes in 50 years times. The procedures will be less aggressive with better outcomes. I think it will be more affordable and accepted by the great majority of the society as well.

The importance of attractiveness in the workplace
Nowadays we live in a world which is every time more competitive. We have created a style of live where the society is more demanding, superficial and materialistic. We attach a lot of importance to attractiveness. In regard to the workplace, unfortunately, it is more of the same. Our physical appearance has become in one of the key aspect to get a job, especially when your job consists in dealing with people, such as shop assistant, waitress, flight attendant and hostess. There is nothing we can do about that because that is the way it works. I am pretty sure that on the hypothetical case that there is a vacancy for a salesman in a firm, and two men with the same good qualifications and experience, but one of them good looking and the other one ugly, go for the interview, the employer is going to hire the handsome one. I think you have more opportunities to be promoted and succeed in a company when you are attractive.
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