Dumbledor, Who Played It Better?

Topics: Albus Dumbledore, Richard Harris, Michael Gambon Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Analysis paper

Harry Potter has been around in the United States of America since 1998 (in the United Kingdom since 1997). This book was in very many homes and grew up with all of us 90’s kids. With Harry the brave one, Hermione the smart one, and Ron the ginger. Ron was also good with traps and tricks because well let’s be honest if you grow up with brothers like Fred and George you’re going to be pretty good at tricks and other fun things. Albus Dumbledore was the wise old teacher. He would be like an owl if you had to think about him as an animal. In the movies the actor Richard Harris was the Dumbledore in the first and second movie but the role was passed over to Michael Gambon for the rest of the films. The role was given the Gambon after Harris died on October 18, 2002. Michael Gambon was a good Dumbledore but Richard Harris was the better Dumbledore because Harris seemed to be more kind like the Dumbledore that we grew up with, he seemed to look like a wizard even outside the movie, and it seemed like Gambon took on the role of Harris playing Dumbledore and not Dumbledore.

To begin with, Harris was a better Dumbledore because he seemed nicer and wiser then Gambon did. When Harris was playing as Dumbledore he seemed like he knew all of the answers and seemed like the Dumbledore most people thought of. Harris had a gentle voice and seemed soft natured almost like a father or grandfather to the children of Hogwarts. This seemed a lot more like the Dumbledore that we grew up with and even looked up to as a role model. Gambon always seemed kind of snarky. By snarky I mean he seemed kind of critical or testy. Either snarky or he kind of makes Dumbledore seem crazy or eccentric. All around I think that Harris played the role much better then Gambon did.

Harris seemed to look the part of a wizard even outside of the movies. (http://www.listal.com/viewimage/4169434) This was a picture of Harris taken towards his later years. Although he doesn’t have...
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