Dubstep Throughout the Decades

Topics: 1950s, Funk, Apathy Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Some of it’s earlier forms date back to 1998 but has only gained popularity in recent years. It took it was influenced by other electronic music at the time like Ambient Dub and was very much unlike what many people today consider dubstep. What dubstep is today is a lot more chaotic and powerful.

The type being focused on here is the newer, more chaotic dubstep. In the 1950s, as evident by the lives lead by many Americans at the time, people were very complacent with almost everything. This means that people liked everything the same. Unleashing dubstep onto what is in a sense your grandmother and her mother could possibly lead to it being chastised in a way similar to the way early rock and roll music was. Sayings like it being the devil’s music could basically be echoed across every neighborhood in the United StatesThe 1960s were all about going against everything the 1950s upholded. The counter culture had been established and was taking action against what it felt to be unjust. Music also was a quintessential part of the time with protest music reflecting the zeitgeist of the 60s. Unveiling dubstep to the unwashed masses in this decade could possibly hold consequences. Because of the counter culture’s compulsion to go against what the 1950’s, if the parents of the 1950s reject dubstep, the teens of the counterculture would embrace it. The 1970s were a time where people were very apathetic about almost everything. The counterculture had all but died out and their government betrayed them. The people of the 70s would probably grow fond of dubstep if not because of the music, but because of the message it conveys. Dubstep, as was established previously, is about nothing lyrically. Because of the general apathy among the people at the time, they would connect to dubstep. The 1980s were all about greed and furthering the synthetic, plastic image that the 70s had set up for them. Reflecting this, the popular music of the time was very synthesizer heavy and in...
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