Dual Career Lifestyles Against Single Career Lifestyles

Topics: Family, Mother, Marriage Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: July 4, 2011
I am focusing on contrast of two parent families with both parents having full time jobs versus two parent families with only one parent having a full time job. With lots of opportunities for women to go back to school to further their education, lifestyles with dual careers families are fast on the rise. This may continue to rise with the privilege of taking college degrees on line, more moms who at home while they are in a one career family situation, work on their education, thus resulting in a two career family situation. I preferred single career families over two career families because this family situation gives you more time for family. Single career families has one parent at home who is more capable of taking care of family issues because that person and do not have a job/career outside the home. I believe that in each family the man/husband should be the “bread winner” and the woman/wife should be the “homemaker.” While the husband focuses on his career, the wife’s duty is to take charge of the home; i.e. buying food, preparing meals, cleaning and doing laundry and still have time to attend school meetings and other extra-curricular activities with the kids. In most cases of two career family situations, both parents work Monday to Friday, with a minimum of forty (40) hours per week which does not leave much time for family. It is very difficult to deal with family after a hard, stressful day at the job. You prefer a peaceful and quiet evening. On the other hand, in a one career family, while one parent is out at work (mainly the father) the other stays at home doing house work, preparing dinner and have more time to spend with the children. In the two career family, there is hardly any time for sociable gathering. The parent can hardly keep up with Parent Association meetings at their children’s school, while in the case of one parent working, the stay at home parent has time to attend such gatherings, including their children’s sport activities....
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