Dry September

Topics: William Faulkner, Short story, Racism Pages: 5 (2083 words) Published: December 4, 2011
The William Faulkner’s short story Dry September, published in 1931, takes place in a fictional residence of Jefferson, which is located somewhere in the southern community. Faulkner wanted to release something that will stretch our truth-sorting muscles, because this story is a story of rumor. Rumors are part of our society, and they seem to be part of our lives too because it is always been very difficult to clear out the truth of any situation. So, all the situations we are going through could be a part of a rumor’s factory. Two main characters that the rumor is about are helping Faulkner’s story; the Nigger called Will Mayes, raped a white woman, Minnie Cooper. The rumor, the story, pops up through the ‘’bloody September twilight’’. The barbershop is a place where it all begun. When it comes to such things, when the story becomes a main discussion, we got to choose, will we accept thing as true without any proof, or will we base our conclusion on facts? So, this story is about how the main characters, as barber Henry, McLendon, youths from the barbershop who are representing the southern community, investigate a rumor.

It is ‘’Bloody September night’’ and a crew of both young people and strangers are taking a discussion in a barbershop owned by Henry ‘‘Hawkshaw’’ and some other barbarians. They were discussing a rumor, which owns the day in Jefferson residence. Is Will innocent or not, many of them where already sure of that, because how could it be that a nigger’s word is taken before a white woman’s? Not a speak. The fellows agree that the young will had done something wrong without investigating the problem. Then, John McLendon, who commanded troops at the front in France, show up to collect the fellows to punish the nigger for the crime he had done. His bad attitude rapidly affects other people’s attitudes in the shop and they leave the room with a lot of hate inside themselves. But not all of them think Will is done something bad, Henry defends him by saying to his fellows that he knows him personally, and that that couldn’t be him. Even if he tries to show them that the town isn’t just ‘’black’’ and ‘’white’’, and that they should seem happy by having such ‘’good’’ kind of niggers in there, the people ignore him. He leaves the shop in hope to stop and persuade them not to hurt him because of his innocence. He gets in car. They got the confused Will, handcuff him and put in the car too. Suddenly, Henry says he got sick stomach and wants out. But McLendon says that he could jump out because he isn’t stopping the car. That’s what he does. He jumps out and hides in dust-sheathed weeds. Afterwards, McLeadon is going home, arguing with his wife who was waiting for him even if it was midnight. He lays his gun on the table beside the bed, and there was no sound, the dark world seemed to lie stricken beneath the cold moon and the lidless stars. Minnie Cooper is a 40 years old unmarried woman. She is haggard looking, exhausted, always wearing bright dresses. At the end of the story, she has a collapse, she screams and laughs in the middle of the cinema. Her ‘’friends’’ lead her home, wondering Will really attacked her or not.

I found some symbols, which may refer to some of society’s main characterisations; characters’ minds are locked up due to surroundings and they can’t let their passion and interest see things in a different way than in a violent. So, wrong attitudes, can never lead us to a problem’s resolvability, but unfortunately, the residence of Jefferson has to deal with that kind of problem. McLendon’s gun could symbolise the authority, threat of violence. And that is also one of the story’s main themes. People don’t really care about what is true or not, they’ve been lead by some bad values, which had been a consequence of racism. Ice manufacturing plant where Will works as a watchman, is a symbol of town’s needs. Jefferson is covered with dust, caused of sixty-two rainless days. Atmosphere is...
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