Drug Trafficking Neighborhood

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Although this topic is extensive and has many faces, it is somewhat controversial. It affects people in so many ways. Crimes committed against innocent children because of parents that get involved and addicted. Reports on how corrupted organizations hold fundraisers to stop drugs are as a front and later seem to be the biggest drug traffickers using any means necessary to carry their drugs throughout the world. Throughout the years, there have been newscasts of numerous members of various societies that have been associated with these organizations. Politicians and celebrities have being involved in various forms with this trade; however, because of their social status authorities find it hard to prove, making it controversial (Auriana Ojeda, 2002). However, the topic I have chosen is drug trafficking in America. In addition to the communities it touches, there has been much report on how accessibility and inexpensiveness of the drug business has made this a wealthy industry for those who run it. Reports show that it brings about thousands of yearly deaths in America only. Moreover, millions of valuable funds that are taken away in anti-drug programs use to combat this industry especially in lower economic communities, and this leading to other major crimes. The effects that show up as a low result on the families in neighborhoods, and thousands of children as young as nine that suffer the biggest concern that they are the most susceptible. There have been many reports that prove the drug trade continuing to thrive in many neighborhoods, even with the high percentage usage of tax money that are being used to fund them. Different anti-drug, gang programs, are in fact simultaneously snatching away funds from neighborhoods, and decreasing positive community building initiatives (Auriana Ojeda, 2002). Many may argue; that while there are many programs that truly are working, there are many more that are in fact increasing the drug problem in these...
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