Drug Profile Paper

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Physical dependence Pages: 4 (1093 words) Published: April 5, 2012
Drug Profile Paper
University of Phoenix
March 22th, 2012

Drug Profile Paper

This paper will illustrate several aspects of how drugs affect our lives. Addiction philosophies including the psychology and physiology will be explained in an attempt to describe how drugs affect our bodies both physically and mentally. Secondly, different drug categories types will be covered including: stimulants, depressants, narcotics, hallucinogens, and cannabis. Each of these categories has different addiction potentials and effect levels including withdrawal symptoms. Finally, the abuse of prescription drugs and their effects will be discussed. Addiction is primarily psychological although addiction can be defined as the physiological changes in the body. Addiction continues to be considered as a social, cultural, genetic and experiential process as well. According to Lande, addictive behavior is seen as any behavior that gives temporary or short term pleasure and also provides relief from discomfort although there may be long term adverse effects. (Lande, 2012) According to Roy, addiction is generally described as dependence on any drug and results from substance abuse. Any drug or alcohol can produce addiction as can other things such as the internet, gaming, gadgets, chocolates etc. However the physical and psychological effects of drugs and alcohol are detrimental and actually result in loss of productivity, withdrawal and physical dependence and lack of attention and such other conditions. The primary feature of addiction is dependence as an individual shows increased psychological and physiological dependence on the substance he is addicted to and without the addictive substance the person is unable to return to normal life. (Roy, 2009) Dependence on anything may not be too bad and some amount of social dependence is expected of us as social beings. However, when there is excessive dependence with inability to live without the substance in question, then...
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