Drug Policy for Elora Jean & Company

Topics: Employment, Drug test, Drug control law Pages: 5 (1706 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Elora Jean & Company is deeply troubled about possible drug and alcohol abuse among employees. It is their goal to establish and maintain a drug-free workplace to provide a safer work environment. The goal here today is to recommend items that should go into this policy and to recognize the type of training that will be needed for management and employees pursuant to the new policy. In addition, there will be a discussion on how effective a new drug-free workplace policy will be in reducing work-place accidents. The legality of the policy will be discussed in addition to discussing the implementation of the new policy for both, the union and non-union environment (CTU Online, 2008). A drug-free workplace policy applying to all employees can benefit Elora Jean & Company. This policy should be included as part of the overall health and safety policy. The drug-free workplace policy should include the purpose of the policy, which simply may state the goal of Elora Jean & Company is to create a work environment that is healthful and safe for all employees by prohibiting the use of controlled substances, toxic substances and alcohol, unless the employee has a written prescription from a physician. The drug-free policy should contain a general statement of the policy, which might include: 1) Use of alcohol, toxic substances or controlled substances, before or during work hours is prohibited. Elora Jean & Company cannot control employees' behaviors during off hours; however, in lieu of this, employees may be requested to participate in a random drug test as pursuant to the policy. 2) Elora Jean and Company's intention is to enforce the policy and to take appropriate actions or discipline including termination against any employee who violates this policy (Delpo, 2005). Definitions should be included in the policy that defines alcohol, controlled substances, toxic substances, use and possession. Alcohol will include any beverage, which has alcohol content. Controlled substances will be defined as those specified pursuant to the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. Sect. 812 (U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, 2002). Toxic substances will includes aerosol paint, glue, cement, or any additional chemical used or processed resulting in intoxication. The word "use" will be defined as the buying, selling, trading, distributing, or use of a prohibited item. Possession will be defined as having on one's person, having among one's effects, or having in an area that is under one's control. The policy should include the procedures of the policy such as: 1) Employees who have a prescription from a physician may possess a controlled substance. 2) Every employee will be provided with a written notice of the Drug-Free policy and will be required to sign acknowledging that they have received the policy. 3) All employees will be subject testing for alcohol and drugs according to the testing policies and procedures. 4) Training will be conducted on the drug-free workplace policy to ensure that employees understand their rights under the policy. This educational training will be conducted annually and will be designed to help everyone understand that a drug-free workplace is more likely to produce a safe, productive and healthy work environment. Training will also serve to provide information about substance abuse, including the types and effect of the drugs. Management and staff will be trained on identifying the symptoms of drug use and abuse and the effects they have on performance. Employees will be educated on how self-referrals for rehab will be handled as well as privacy issues. Details will be provided on procedures, circumstances, and other elements related to the drug-free policy (Fay, 2003). The policy will need to include an enforcement section that informs employees of the reporting requirements for a drug conviction and disciplinary action that will take place if this policy is...
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