Drug/Alcohol Abuse Americas Downfall

Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Recreational drug use Pages: 4 (1615 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Drug/Alcohol Abuse Americas Downfall
Aldonia Bailey
Letitia Trent

Throughout American history you can depict that individuals have been propelled by their peers as well as circumstances to use drugs/alcohol and commit crimes which the outcome has been a downward spiral in the American economy. We can see this in the higher poverty percentage and the lowering of the American dollar. However this downward spiral doesn’t mean the American people can’t take a positive turn and stop the abuse of drug/alcohol. Over time there have been new laws in placed not only to put drug/alcohol users behind bars but to get them the help they need. The new laws that have been emplaced to help drug/alcohol user is a good step but there needs to be more. Changing the media coverage involving drug/alcohol abuse from the well-known positive perspective to a negative one would be a good step forward. Unlike when looking through history where it shows the negative impacts of drug/alcohol abuse and the negative toll this habit has taken on the American people. Even though history shows the negative impacts of drug\alcohol abuse doesn’t necessarily mean that we shouldn’t raise more awareness of the negative impacts and what direction the continued drug/alcohol abuse is leading the American people toward. Taking a close look at the middle of American history around the 1900s we can see the Prohibition era that was surrounded with the outlaw of Alcohol. Even with this outlaw Americans were still selling and drinking alcohol, the reasoning behind this was even if you take something away people still long for it and will find a way to get it. Even after 200 years we haven’t seen a major change in American government tactics, the government has outlawed an huge amount of drugs but not alcohol. This may make you question why not, when alcohol use is just as damaging if not more damaging than drug use. Since we are in a new era a new generation many would not believe...
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